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Research Arbecey

Zolang het sneeuwd 

Dos Amigos Y Uno Mas 

Ogen Dicht 

Morgen Gestorben 



Jesus Christ Superstar 

composition/recording (Diane Gemsch, CH 2011)

accordion, double bass, vocals (Jens Biedermann, CH 2011)

improvisation research project  (Jens Biedermann, F 2010)

accordion (De wetten van Keppler / Jos van Kahn, NL 2008)

accordion, vibes, vocals (Mafalda/Teresa Rotemberg, Ch 2007)

vocals (Mati Elias, NL 2005)

accordion, vocals (Hans Hof Ensemble, NL 2004)

vocals (Thomas Leeman/Klaus Jürgens, NL 2003)

sound design (Andre Gingras/Fabio Massimo Iaquone, NL 2002)

vocals (St. Gallen/CH 2001)

Current Music projects


Tangos and Canzone  


Traditional Music from the Balkan

Duet with the Argentinian Singer Alejandra Sanchez

improvised contemporary music with five musicians