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Research Arbecey

Zolang het sneeuwd

Dos Amigos Y Uno Mas

Ogen Dicht

Morgen Gestorben



Jesus Christ Superstar

composition/recording (Diane Gemsch, CH 2011)

accordion, double bass, vocals (Jens Biedermann, CH 2011)

improvisation research project (Jens Biedermann, F 2010)

accordion (De wetten van Keppler / Jos van Kahn, NL 2008)

accordion, vibes, vocals (Mafalda/Teresa Rotemberg, Ch 2007)

vocals (Mati Elias, NL 2005)

accordion, vocals (Hans Hof Ensemble, NL 2004)

vocals (Thomas Leeman/Klaus Jürgens, NL 2003)

sound design (Video, Andre Gingras/Fabio Massimo Iaquone, NL 2002)

vocals (St. Gallen/CH 2001)

music in and for dance and theatre

Current Music projects


Tangos and Argentinian Songs 


Traditional Music from the Balkan

Duet with the Argentinian Singer Alejandra Sanchez

improvised contemporary music with five musicians